tears of unity reach my eyes
longing at this bridge

tongues in trifling tension
a world of running mates
gathered together hence
in a single bold ambition

to achieve a purpose-filled life
full of peer recognition
we choose loving persons
to hold our hand
and burst into the unknown
with no compromise

along this stretch of effort
another ego centred fight
only mothers accept
such lonesome quests
just like children abide
to your simple being

on this one time course
new local friends cheer you up
their radiation makes it home
in an incredible city surge

always way too fast
at the start of an endeavour
missing external reference
to dose my talents even more

the sun warms my body
while I recall my childhood years
nowhere now to exchange
any present daily fears

so share the beauty of buildings
guiding twisting rivers
with all other who ascend
now muscles begin to shiver

hovering towards Liebe
in an everlasting race
I find my girls with pals
loudly shouting at a bend
they lift my spirits in this frenzy
of schmerz and tunnel vision
moving along my side
as for ever will be
the fortunate case

open is this avenue
while it offers a sense of finish
my steps now so small
a pace that allows to be overtaken

around the corner finally sight
of the long craved for U
while the clock passes 3:32
a final trust of power awakens

once again I am touched
in this self confronting gig

Maarten Douwe Bredero

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